Photo 2 by Simbarashe Cha for Majestic Disorder Issue 7

Gabrielle Tesfaye is a multi-media and interdisciplinary painter, filmmaker, animator and interactive installation artist. Passionate in the arts since since early childhood, she has grown to create her own genre of art with her trademark Cosmic Puppetry practices through large scale installation, and storytelling through stop motion animation. 

Tesfaye's work has caught global attention, having been published in international UK based Majestic Disorder magazine, and exhibited work in London, Chester, Dublin, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Miami. Tesfaye has self curated several group and solo exhibitions within her two homes of Milwaukee and New York, and mastering the alchemy of turning the traditional art gallery space into an otherworldly experience for viewers to experience her work beyond the physical. 

With the power of art, Gabrielle Tesfaye has guided people to elevate their conciousness.  Within her work she has connected strongly with women, the African diaspora and the strength of humanitarian unity. From her personal narrative drawings and paintings, to 2d installation work, she touches the intellects of all people with the broader picture of the world we live in and how connected we all really are.

Tesfaye says, "I have dedicated my art for years to the healing of woman and expression of their pain. Creating images that they see reflection in to support them in Voids. And also painting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in healthy Unison. I support my sisters to redefine themselves and change their lives."

Who is Gabrielle Tesfaye? 

A multi-dimensional mural magician 

who roots to no one place 

because she’s photosynthesized the whole world’s light 

Jamaica her mother’s land, 

Ethiopia her father’s land, 

Milwaukee where she came of age, 

New York City is where she stays awake,                                                      

the Mirror of Selves Universal is where she sleeps 

deeply dreaming back to the limitless awareness 

our original divine truth: 

there is a duality to everything we’ve suffered 

and it is the joy of the life lived courageously, 

the life lived curiously, 

hovering above any personal or societal limitations. 


What is the Art of Tesfaye? 


by one paint stroke at a time, 

an ever-changing psychospiritual tsunami 

of vibrance and emotion, 

that comes spontaneously to the hand, 


Her work gives freely to the public 

through the consciousness 

of a resilient afro-feminine 

archetype of abundance 

sent to warm our psyches 

in the symmetry of what the artist feels 

and what the viewer knows 

as one unveiled love 

for all of earth. 


-Interpreted by Anja Notanja Sieger, La Prosette.


listen to the universe.