RasTerms & Tesfaye: Sol Invictus Luna Invictus

Sol Invictus, Luna Invictus presents a collaborated series work by James Monk 'RasTerms' and Gabrielle Tesfaye. Through a broad range of vibrant, diverse styles through painting and drawings, they expose the complex integration and dual nature of ancient and contemporary culture. The series explores the dynamicpolarities of ancestral spirituality, and street ideals of how to exist in the contemporary world. Together the two artists channel their own masculine and feminine interpretations of their experiences, and create internal conversations of dualism within works that bridge various imagery, styles, and mediums.

James Monk RasTerms & Gabrielle Tesfaye. 2016.

22" x 30" | Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphite, Ink.

Inquiries or booking: tesfayetra@gmail.com

listen to the universe.