This Too Shall Pass // COMING SOON

I made another film that started on a very heavy morning. Grieving for me has always been something thats come through in unpredictable heavy doses after suppression. I couldn't stop crying, then something inside of me, maybe the sleeping unconscious creativity that allows me to make art,told me to get up to get my phone and press record. So I started recording myself crying, and this led to a film, to release in a creative way instead of engaging in self destruction, as well as visually and musically process what we are living in. They tell us on the news whats going on but wheres the guidelines on how to cope with this sh*t. Expression through the arts will always be a healthy solution to healing. I just want to heal, and want to see others heal. I have always struggled with verbal unexpressiveness, yet now have grown to be vulnerable in my art. I am fearless to show my pain because I know I am not alone and we all are going through similar things and feel the same things no matter our background. And here again I expose my pain to heal it, pull you out to connect with yours and heal it, and expose what we try to remain hidden. My life as a woman has been a walk through the fire to get to the light. May we heal together, because this too shall pass.


Dispelling The Darkness

Film by Gabrielle Tesfaye |
Music by Foreign Goods |

This film isn’t intended to be watched like a regular film. See this film as an abstract work of art, like a painting, layered with symbolism. I made this primarily for a class project. I originally planned to do a painting however my professor challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and make a self portrait film about my own spiritual practices, focusing mainly on space, tools and the stories that are apart of this journey. So, that being said: this film depicts life, of the past and present, my home, my possessions, my art, my body, and all the beauty and darkness along my journey encoded within all these things. I designed the film to go with the music (by Foreign Goods), the crescendos and the decrescendos, representing the dualism of the journey, the storms and then the calms after the storms. Often looked upon as some ‘hippie culture’, crystal loving yoga doing type category, but thats not reality. Called ‘new age’ but this is all ancient. The ways of the mystics. There are the progressions and the relapses, the balancing of inner sacred wisdom and the emotions, true love and the past friends I had to let go, the binding and the spells that broke, the striving for inner peace rebelliously within our insane and unjust society. This is my first film, made from a little iPhone, Ive never taken film class, but I will and I want to grow and do better, write stories and have actresses. I am far along with mastering visual art of paint, film is a brand new thing for me. Okay, enjoy. (:

listen to the universe.