Woke Folks Festival, 2018, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Tressfaye Hut, Locust Street Festival, Milwaukee, WI. 2016 
Art installation by Qutress Trevino and Gabrielle Tesfaye,
Tressfaye Tribe Creations. 



Secrets of the Goddess, Milwaukee, WI. 2015. 
Art exhibition by Qutress and Tesfaye,
Tressfaye Tribe Creations. 
Hosted at Jazale's Art Studios.

Photos by Brema Brema

The Shamama Experience, Brooklyn, NY. 2016.

Featuring Queen Tut and Abby Jeanne Rebel Love.

Sacred Revolutions, Milwaukee, WI. 2015.
Tesfaye solo show. 
Milwaukee's woods nature trail.